Dr. Lyles' Published Articles

How To Find A Psychiatrist by Michael R. Lyles, MD

Finding the proper psychiatrist for your needs and personality can be a challenging affair. Our hope is this can help you find the right doctor for you.

Cutting the Costs of Psychotropic Meications by Michael R. Lyles, MD

The cost of medication is a concern to many of us. Here are a few suggestions on how you can reduce those costs and still get the treatment you need.

Sleep Hygiene by Michael R. Lyles, MD

"How did you sleep last night?" That question may mean more to your mental health than you thought - before now that is.

Medical Risks of Untreated Psychiatric Diseases by Michael R. Lyles, MD

Your body is a finely tuned machine. Any doubts can be erased when you see how mental health issues can radically affect your physical health.

The Psychiatric Manifestations of Medical Illnesses by Michael R. Lyles, MD

Your mental health may be just fine - there might be something else wrong medically that is causing your mental symptoms to present.


Complimentary and Alternative Medicine by Michael R. Lyles, MD

Sometimes good old fashioned prayer and mother nature have the treatments you need, but you still must be careful not to abuse them.

Men and Depression by Michael R. Lyles, MD

Being the traditional bread-winner doesn't come without its risks. Depression in men is a serious issue - one you need to be aware of.

Depression and Hormones in Women by Michael R. Lyles, MD

The responsibilities of women in society is staggering - mother, wife, professional, etc. The pressure is difficult so being cognisant of the risk of depression is vital.

Bipolar Depression by Michael R. Lyles, MD

Hard to see, bipolar disorders can present often as major dpressive, but recognizing the signs can save a patient from years of incorrect treatment.


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