Practice Vision Statement
Lyles and Crawford Clinical Consulting

  1. To provide common sense psychiatric medical care and psychological treatment that is caring and rooted in evidence based science.
  2. To educate patients about their difficulties and treatment strategies so that they can participate as invested partners in their care.
  3. To teach patients and their families to understand the problems that they are facing and to respect their illnesses- not fear or ignore them- so that appropriate corrective and preventative interventions can occur.
  4. To communicate psychiatric and psychological principles to community agents of care, especially primary care physicians and clergy, so that more patients are identified and treated earlier in their course of their illnesses.
  5. To help patients to see their psychiatric and psychological needs in the greater context of medical, spiritual, relational and vocational needs.
  6. To hold ourselves accountable for practicing the principles that we teach our patients.
  7. To achieve success as defined not by the absence of symptoms or side effects but by:
    • A smile recovered
    • A marriage renewed
    • A parent returned to a child
    • A joke enjoyed
    • A medical illness avoided
    • A career recaptured
    • A prayer uttered in confidence
    • A creativity released
    • A friend visited
    • A hobby discovered
    • A past that is at peace
    • A mind that is at rest
    • A restorative night of sleep
    • A heart with quiet joy
    • A hope for the future
    • A family restored
    • A dream rekindled