Curriculum Vitae

Michael R. Lyles M.D.

Partner, Lyles and Crawford Clinical Consulting

11111 Houze Road, Suite 320

Roswell, Georgia 30076

Phone: (770) 993-0051

Fax: (770) 993-0052


Education and Professional Training:

University of Michigan Accelerated Six-Year
Premedical-Medical Program (M.D. Degree)

Categorical Internship (Psychiatry/Pediatrics)
Duke University Medical Center

Psychiatric Residency - Duke University Medical Center

American Psychiatric Association/National Institute of Mental Health Minority Fellow

Academic Appointments:

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Director of Outpatient Services
University of Kentucky College of Medicine


1979 - North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners (24928)
1983 - Kentucky State Board of Medical Licensure (22630)
1986 - Georgia Composite Board of Medical Examiners (29032)

Board Certifications:

1984 Adult Psychiatry - American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (27105)
1993-2003 Addiction Psychiatry - American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (253)

Teaching Experiences:

Coordinator of Elective Medical Student Seminar - Transcultural Issues in Psychiatry
Duke University Medical Center

Taught courses on Psychiatric Assessment, Psychopathology of Behavior, Mood Disorders, Social/Community Psychiatry, Family Practice Review
University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Guest Lecturer in Pastoral Counseling
Lexington Theological Seminary

Faculty Member, Advanced Division
National Baptist Congress of Christian Education

1988-1997 National Speaker's Bureau, Director of In-service Education
Rapha Psychiatric Centers

Psychopharmacology Colloquium
Psychological Studies Institute

Speaking and Consulting Boards (current *)

Eli Lilly and Co. *

Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals *

Wyerst Ayerst Pharmaceuticals

Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals

Cephalon Pharmaceuticals

McNeil Pharmaceuticals

Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Abbott Pharmaceuticals

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Forest Pharmaceuticals

Administrative Experiences:

Medical Student Education Committee
American Psychiatric Association

Associate Director, Outpatient Services
Residency Training Committee
Admissions Committee
Executive Committee
University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Board of Directors
Mental Health Association of Metropolitan Atlanta

Medical Director for Partial Hospitalization
Intensive Outpatient and Adult Inpatient Programs
Rapha Clinics Southeast - Atlanta, Ga. (Served on Executive, Credentials, Quality Improvement, Pharmacy/Therapeutics, and Medical Records Committees)

National Clinical Advisory Board
Rapha Psychiatric Centers USA

Choice Committee for Impaired Medical Students
Morehouse School of Medicine

Alternate Delegate
Medical Association of Georgia

Board of Directors
Atlanta Counseling Center

Board of Directors
The Institute for Black Family Development

Board of Directors
American Association of Christian Counselors

Professional Interests:

Psychopharmacology of Mood/Anxiety Disorders
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
Women and Depression
Clergy as Deliverers of Mental Health Services
Service Delivery to Underserved Populations

Specialized Clinical Experiences:

Prison Psychiatry:
Federal Correctional Institute
Butner,N.C. - 1981-1982

Caledonia State Prison
Scotland Neck, N.C. - 1982-1983

Community Mental Health Center:
Raeford MHC
Raeford, N.C. - 1982-1983

State Hospital:
Eastern State Hospital
Lexington, Ky - 1984-1986

Crawford Long Hospital
Atlanta, Ga. - 1986-1988

Rehabilitative Psychiatry:
Peachtree Reentry Head Trauma Rehabilitation Center
Lawrenceville, Ga. - 1986-1987


1983 Named "Resident of the Year" by the North Carolina Neuropsychiatric Association
1986 Awarded "Kentucky Colonel" by Governor Martha Layne Collins for Initiating the "Bluegrass Depression and Manic Depressive Association" 


Psychiatric Care and Medications in Caring for People God's Way Certificate Program in Biblical Counseling
Depression in Marriage in Marriage Works Series.
Women and Depression in Extraordinary Women video series
Depression and Mood Disorders in Caring For People God's Way II Certificate Program in Biblical Counseling
Three Videos in the Courageous Living SeriesObsessive Compulsive DisorderBattling Bipolar Disorder, and Psychiatric Medications and the Christian
An Update on Psychopharmacology The Geneva Series ( a distance learning program)
Women In Depression (small group series)


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Major Presentations and Consultant Positions:

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting
Georgia State Medical Association
Mississippi State Psychiatric Association
National Medical Association
Grand Rounds - Department of Psychiatry, University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Grand Rounds - Department of Family Medicine, Howard University College of Medicine
Grand Rounds - Department of Psychiatry, Duke University Medical School (James H. Carter Lecture)
Grand Rounds - Crawford Long Hospital, Emory University Internal Medicine Department
Post 9/11 Trauma Response and Grief Training, New York City
Georgia Psychological Association
American Association of Christian Counselors
National Baptist Educational Congress
Georgia Academy of Family Medicine
Student National Medical Association
Commencement Address, The Light Institute
International Congress on Transcultural Psychiatry
Pine Rest Hospital, Michigan State University College of Medicine
Here's Life Inner City National Staff Conference
American Association of Pastoral Counselors
Psychiatric Consultant, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball Team
Psychiatric Consultant, The Billy Graham Association
Psychiatric Consultant, In Touch Television Program Staff