Office Policies

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you and your family. The following items inform you about our policies and your rights and obligations as a client. Please read carefully and retain for reference.

Our hours of operation are 9am -5pm on Monday and Wednesday, 9am-6pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and 9am-3pm on Friday. (Front desk hours are subject to change at any time). Emergencies are handled during lunch and after office hours by our answering service. We transfer calls to our answering service the last hour of the day.

  1. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please notifl the office at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the reserved time. Failure to honor your appointment deprives other patients from receiving needed care in a timely fashion. Reminder calls, the day before the appointment, are a courtesy. It is the patient's responsibility to make, change, or cancel appointments.
  2. The confidentiality of the therapy relationship is strictly maintained. If you desire to release information to an outside party, a signed release of information form will be necessary. There are several legal limitations to confidentiality, which you may discuss with your doctor.
  3. Our services are provided on a fee for service basis. Payment is therefore due when the service is rendered. Payment may be made by cash, check, Mastercard or Visa. Coverage that your insurance may provide differs between plans and should be researched by you, as the fees will be your responsibility. We will be happy to assist you in providing the documentation needed for filing claims with insurance companies. To file a claim with most companies, you would fill out the insured portion of the claim form and attach the yellow physician's statement, which we provide each visit.
  4. Between sessions, phone calls should be limited to emergencies. A charge may be made for any telephone consultation over 5 minutes in length for non-emergent calls. Calls will be charged according to the amount of time spent on the phone. It is best to deal with ongoing issues in session and not over the phone.
  5. We will always provide you with enough refills to last until your next appointment. In the event of a change in your medication or a lost prescription, we will renew prescriptions by phone during office hours. Controlled drugs will not be called in after hours on the weekends. There will be a $10 service fee for patients who require a prescription between appointments due to missed appointments, failure to keep appointments, or failure to schedule appointments. Prescriptions must be left on the pharmacy line. No request for refills will be taken at the front desk. The option number for the pharmacy line is 4. Any prescription requests made after 3pm on Monday through Thursday will be handled the next business day and any requests made after 2pm on Friday will be handled on Monday.
  6. We schedule appointments for Dr. Lyles in 15,25, or 50 minute sessions and 25 or 50 minutes sessions for Dr. Crawford. Neuropsychological testing requires longer time increments which are scheduled individually when needed. If you are late to an appointment, you will be charged for the original length of the appointment. If we are late, we will only charge for the amount of time spent with you, if an extension time is not possible. If you desire a standing appointment time, please make arrangements with your doctor.
  7. Return check policy- If a bad check is written, the patient must pay before making another appointment. A $25 fee will be assessed for returned checks.
  8. If you are scheduled to have telephone consultation with the doctor, your payment or credit card number should be submitted to our office, by the scheduled date of your consultation.
  9. There is a $25 fee for writing brief letters and completing disabilitylinsurance forms. Fees will be charged for extensive copying of medical records.

We look forward to working with you and developing a working relationship based on mutual trust and respect.