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Helping Children Develop Resilience by Mark E. Crawford, PhD

If stress, adversity, failures, setbacks and challenges are all part of our experience in this life, what can we do to help prepare our children for the road ahead?

Psychological Spring Cleaning by Mark E. Crawford, PhD

Just like we scour our homes to clean up each spring, we should also evaluate our belief system, assumptions, and expectations that could be unhealthy and lead us down the wrong path

Calling All Dads by Mark E. Crawford, PhD

There is an abundance of research on the topic of father-hood. The data overwhelmingly indicate the negative effects of father absence and lack of father involvement in the life of a child.

Learning Through Consequences by Mark E. Crawford, PhD

I am called frequently to consult with a teenager who has gotten into trouble; however, I am called just as often to see if I know the name of a good attorney who can get their child out of trouble. My response is usually, "Are you sure that's what you want to do?"

Dear Dr. Crawford - May 2001 by Mark E. Crawford, PhD

Letters to Dr. Crawford and his responses.

Dear Dr. Crawford - November 2001 by Mark E. Crawford, PhD

Letters to Dr. Crawford and his responses.

Managing Stress in a Challenging Environment by Mark E. Crawford, PhD

Many parents are concerned on how to balence the benefits of having their child attend an accelerated, challenging, and enriching environment with the risks that such an environment may create the feeling of pressure and stress.

The Two-Edged Sword: Raising Children in Outstanding Schools by Mark E. Crawford, PhD

I clearly see a cultural parental peer pressure that compels us to begin 'developing' our children so that they 'suceed' as early as first grade. Instead of happy, carefree, enthusiastic children, I am seeing more and more children who appear busy, hurried, and worried.



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